Switching off our phones

We planned to do this at the beginning of the event, but forgot completely, and left it to the end! Regardless, not one person actually checked their phones for the duration of the event. Read more about what Zoe thought of this change to the timetable here.

Watch the video of us fake-turning-off-our-phone here:

And vote in our poll about phones here:


2 thoughts on “Switching off our phones

  1. It’s pretty hard not to check my phone sometimes! i think it’s become a bad habit although I think sometimes it’s understandable to check your phone if it’s because you’re expecting a call or you know someone may need help finding directions etc. I think it’s pretty rude if you don’t have a good reason and you’re just browsing the internet when you’re in someone elses company though!
    Anyway in relation to the event though! It was awesome because no one checked their phones and I suppose when you’re having a really good time you’ll be too caught up in the moment or having too much fun to even remember to check your phone or get distracted by it! (unless you’re taking photos haha!)

    • Tiff, that’s a good point you make about taking photos. I wonder if our event was not phones-free, how many people would have instagrammed various moments of it?

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