The Timetable

Another Skype meeting helped us narrow down what game and activities we were going to run during the event (unfortunately the recording for that call didn’t actually record, so there’s no link to listen in). We used a combination of an audio Skype call and the comment threads on our private Facebook planning group simultaneously to brainstorm what games and activities to include, and to come up with a rough timetable for the order in which we would do them.

game ideas

We were going to use a “like” voting system to pick which games to include, but because we were all talking on Skype at the same time, we just voted verbally instead. Here’s the timetable we came up with:

first timetable

We did not really stick to this timetable at all, in fact we almost completely flipped it on it’s head. You can read about Zoe’s thoughts on our timetable and flexibility here.

“I felt like having the flexibility to alter our timetable in this way made the whole day much more enjoyable. If we’d stuck to the timetable, it would have felt a lot more forced, instead the event flowed quite naturally.”


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